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Tatoo Removal with Laser
Life after 50 Expo, Legends club
Alzheimers Fundraising Events
Skin Lesions


Graduated Compression Stockings
Recent tragedy
Skin Lesions
Tattoo Removal
Varicose Veins


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Tatoo Removal with Laser

Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal 

Tattoo Boo Boo???

Do you regret getting a tattoo?
Is the quality poor and you spend time covering it up?

We offer successful treatment to remove tattoos of every color.  Our laser has the most advanced technology to provide safe and gradual fading of unwanted tattoos.  

The laser targets the tattoo pigment in the cell layersBELOWthe skin's surface. 
NO scars or burns. 
Your skin will return to the original color and texture.

Several treatment sessions will be necessary; however, you will see the color fading after first treatment.

Life after 50 Expo, Legends club

Dr. Julie and Renea at life after 50 expo, Legends clubLife after 50 event at Legends club.
Thanks for everyone attending.
Enjoyed meeting all the people and vendors.

Alzheimers Fundraising Events

It was such a pleasure to participate in the recent events on behalf of fundraising for Alzheimer's foundation.  Thanks to Deedee Kurella and all those who spent so much time and energy setting everything up.
Dr. Julie
Loved the Western theme party.  
Fun event.  Great cause.

Dr. Julie


What are they?
Do I need them?
How they can help you?
Where to purchase?
Graduated compression stockings are medically designed to promote healthy circulation, decrease leg swelling (edema and lymphedema), relieve restless legs at night, reduce development of varicose veins, prevent blood clots, improve endurance and decrease leg fatigue, reduce musculo-skeletal injuries and much much more..............

Skin Lesions

Do you have any skin lesions that are unsightly?  Irritated?  Changing in size/shape/color?  Do they become crusty or bleed?  Do you have spots or sores that won't heal?  Do you suffer from arash?
Some of these lesions are benign; however, you may have acancerousor pre-cancerous lesion.  Some lesions are benign, but continue to cause itching/irritation or bleeding.  Skin sores and rashes may be caused byinfection
Any new or existing lesion should be examined by a doctor.

Recent Plane Crash

I want to thank everyone for their patience regarding the opening of my secondary office.  As you may be aware, the Vein Guys family suffered a horrific tragedy and my associate Dr. Steven Roth and 4 staff members lost their lives.  Two pilots survived, one has sustained serious injuries.  The Evans office as well as other franchise office locations are filled with grief.  We appreciate all the caring/loving thoughts, prayers, notes, etc. from everyone. 
The future business operations for the Vein Guys is under evaluation.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are common and no one wants them!  These vessels are dysfunctional and usually unsightly which cause patients to cover up their legs even in the heat of summer.
The veins may appear different with each patient.  Size and color, shape and texture (bulging, rope-like, flat, etc) vary with each patient and location of vessel.  Nearly all visible veins can be treated with a simple procedure called SCLEROTHERAPY. 
A tiny needle is used to inject a chemical which will dissolve the vein over time.
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