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Note:  Our office has a variety of products available for purchase.  Due to the number of products and the custom needs of each patient, please contact our office for detailed information, pricing and ordering.  Items can be purchased at office or shipped to you for an additional cost.
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Get your soft and smooth skin on!!!!
Dr. Williams' hascustom made this lotion which instantly removes callouses, dry/flaky skin on feet and hands. 
Lotion may be used on legs and arms, as directed by Dr. Williams.

Patient often refer to this as the'miracle cream' because results are instant.
Simply massage small amount to affected area until skin gently flakes away.  Rinse off and go!  

Stop wasting money and time with manicures/pedicures and alternative products that don't work!
$20 per jar (3 ounces).  Each jar will last for several months.
Save when you purchase two or more.
Larger size jars also available.  
Supplies are in high demand.  Please call or email office to purchase.  
Dry skin and callous treatment
Rough Away Dry Skin and Callous Treatment



Re-claim and Maintain a youthful appearance!

Murad skin care is Dr. Williams' personal preference

High quality and affordable skin products are available through our office. 
It is important to select the products that best meet your individual needs.  

Dr. Williams and staff will assess your skin needs and guide you to utilize only those products to target your specific skin issues and promote healthy skin..   

You do not need to purchase multiple products and spend a lot of time applying products to your skin. 
Keep it simple and easy!  

Contact office for details.


Graduated compression               
If you suffer from varicose veins, leg swelling, restless legs at night or if you are undergoing treatment for your varicose veins with surgery or sclerotherapy (injections), it is VERY IMPORTANT that you wear surgically designed compression stockings.  
Compression garrmets are important for other conditions such as lymphedema, pregnancy, muscle fatigue, prolonged bed rest or people who are traveling for long periods of time.  
These are NOT the same as spandex or support stockings. 
With today's active population, these compression devices are available with the latest technology and materials to promote healthy circulation, prevent medical problems and keep you comfortable.  
Different levels of pressure, a variety of colors and styles provide men and women with comfortable, attractive and healthy alternatives to traditional pantyhose,tights, trouser socks, athletic socks and other specialized active wear.   !
Don't spend a fortune on stockings that won't fit, are unsightly or feel uncomfortable.  
Dr. Williams and staff will advise you regarding the best choice for your needs.
Stockings should be purchased BEFORE or the day of any procedure you undergo for varicose veins.  The stockings should feel comfortable, relieve pain/swelling, promote healing and prevent further varicose veins. 
Our office stocks a full range of compression garments.  Contact us for more information.

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