Julie Williams, MD - PERSONALIZED service and QUALITY care
Medical Services


Licensed cosmetologist/ aesthetician  
Assisting Dr. Williams and providing wider range of services for our patients.

Treatments will include:
Professional/Medical grade facials to restore and maintain youthful skin.
Galvanized treatment to eliminate cellulite, tighten loose skin, restore skin contour and surface, remove wrinkles and more...
Full line of high quality skin products available in office
Soothing warm paraffin treatments to infuse moisture and softness into dry/damaged skin on face, feet or hands.

Eyelash Extensions! 
See before and after photos.  Truly an artistic gift by cosmetologist.

Before                                                                                    After (No make up or mascara)

Shower, swim and save a lot of time with extensions.  Natural appearance.  Touch up every 3 to 4 weeks.  NO more mascara smudges or dark lines under eyes ALL SUMMER!!!!
This procedure is safe, non toxic and will enhance your natural beauty and truly create a fresh and youthful appearance.

Call us to learn more!
706-723-1061 (office hours tailored to patient scheduling needs.  Leave message for assistance)

Facial rejuvenation!
Correction of loose/sagging skin
Large pores
Tattoo Removal
Broken capillaries on face, neck or chest 
Small varicose veins/telangectasias on legs, ankles, hands
Age spots and other pigment problems
Correction of sun damaged skin
Scars from acne or prior surgeries
Much more............

Affordable treatment to get rid of the hair you don't want!!
No down time.
No more shaving, waxing, skin irritation from hair follicles or razor burn!!

Sclerotherapy is the most effective method to permanently resolve visible veins. 
A tiny needle is used to inject a chemical into the varicose vein.  The vein is destroyed over several weeks.  
The procedure is safe well tolerated.  Sedatives are rarely used.  
Patients typically require more than one treatment session.  On average, two or three sessions will resolve most veins. Response varies according to severity and duration of veins. associated deep vein damage or other medical problems.  
It is important to follow instructions post procedure.  This includes initial compression with simple ace bandages followed by compression stockings for several days.  

Dr. Williams will carefully examine your legs and vascular system.  If you suffer from associated symptoms such as pain, restless legs or swelling, Dr. Williams may suggest additional testing to determine if there is deep vein damage. This may require an ultrasound.  
Most visible veins can be treated without surgery.    

COST:  Initial consultation which includes a full treatment session may range from $200 to $300. 
Follow up sessions generally are less expensive.  Insurance does not cover this procedure.  We offer incentive discounts for patients who refer clients to the office for procedures.  

Graduated  Compression Hose can be purchased on line or in our office (See Products tab). 
We offer excellent quality stockings at reasonable prices.   

These specialized stockings are needed post treatment for varicose veins to obtain best results, to maintain vascular health, prevent further development of varicose veins, and reduce swelling or general leg discomfort from vein dysfunction.  

Removal/diagnosis of most lesions (benign and cancerous)
General skin health/maintenance
Full line of Professional skin care products.  Dr. Williams will personally suggest those products which customize your needs.  Stop wasting money on products that fill up your drawer and don't work!

Neuromodulators can temporarily relax strong muscles of facial expression and prevent the long term effects of lines and wrinkles.  Common areas are between eyebrows, forehead and crows feet.

Neuro-modulators are effective at relieving onset of tension headaches and migraines. Avoid side effects of taking medication by mouth.  Prevent headaches from starting.  Limit any down time you lose with suffering pain from headaches.

Avoid embarrassment and destruction of clothing from underarm moisture.  
Many people suffer from excessive sweating.  With injection of a neuro-modulator, you will see a 95% + decrease in underarm wetness within 2 or 3 weeks.  Treatments last 4 to 6 months.  

Smooth out lines and wrinkles!!
Immediate results
Common areas of treatment include:  forehead, cheeks, lines between nose and mouth, corners of mouth and other lines or folds near mouth/chin, lips and more.....

Acute or chronic wounds/sores.
In office debridement
Scar revision
Consultant Specialist only.  
This service is offered to private cosmetic patients only.  
Dr. Williams offers second opinions, prompt care and management of most medical conditions.
No hospital/emergency room or after hours medical care  is available at this time. 
Dr. Williams can provide you the names of physicians who serve all local hospitals and emergency rooms should you require urgent care or admission to a hospital.
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