Julie Williams, MD - PERSONALIZED service and QUALITY care


We strive to offer costs equal or lower to competing offices. 

Generous time scheduled for each patient.

Personal attention 

Patient loyalty cards

Frequent specials

Dr. Williams personally administers all medical/aesthetic care.  Professional training, experience and artistic skills are needed for optimal results.

Don't be fooled by advertisements and coupons, groupons!  You may be paying MORE!

(Treatment for any facial lines or folds - forehead, between eyes, under eye, lips, area between nose and mouth, marionette mouth lines, loss of volume in cheeks, and more)

Restylane              $500 per syringe (1-2 syringes typically required)
Perlane/Lyft         $550 per syringe (1-2 syringes typically required)
Treatment for lines caused by hyperactive/dominant muscles of face
 $5 per unit
(frown lines - between eyebrows - standard dose 50 units  = $250 -$300)
(crows feet around eyes - dose range 15 to 25 units per eye = $150 -$250)

NOTE:  Units of Dysport are not comparable to Botox.

Varicose Veins of all Sizes
$200 - $300 per session (2 sessions typically required)
Price varies pending severity of veins
Price reduced for follow up 'touch up' sessions

Laser procedures are affordable

Please inquire regarding laser costs and other procedures or services.

Your insurance MAY cover some procedures
We do not file insurance, but can provide proper paper work for you to self file.

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